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A. PROBATE FILINGS: If  your loved one or relative has a will  or does not have a will or trust  and has passed away, their assets will need a Probate Case Filing with  the Superior Court, and I can help you in that arena. I can assist you  in this probate filing. When filing a  probate case petition, a administrator (executor) will have to be able  to carry out the duties in closing bank accounts and selling the  decedent's assets and residence. The case will have to filed in the  local newspaper in order for creditors to file the necessary claims the  estate may owe. After the 4 month term for creditors to file their  claims, a petition for final distribution has to be filed after which  the Order for Final Distribution is submitted for court approval by the  Probate Judge. This above procedure can take anywhere from 9 to 12  months to complete.

B. PROBATE, WILL AND TRUST MATTERS:   If you have a will or are without a will, as mentioned above, when a  person passes away, you must Probate the estate which takes months to  complete. The probate is filed with the local Superior Court which  involves filing newspaper classified ads to notify creditors, long  waiting periods, court filing costs and legal expenses in order to  transfer your assets to your children family and grandchildren.
            A Trust includes, the living trust document (which serves the  same purpose as a will), a Certificate of Trust, Pour Over Will, General  Assignment, and Powers of Attorney for Finances and Health Care   approvals. In the past twenty-five years, I have personally completed  hundreds of wills and trusts and can offer you a trust overnight in the  case of an extreme emergency or normally in one week for clients who  want to by-pass the probate process.  On the other hand, Revocable Living Trust offers the following advantages.  

 1. A Trust is a Private Document,  in other words, only persons you designate can see it. This keeps it  out of the various Federal and State  Governments review. On the other hand, a will is available for anyone  to review. 

2. Offers immediate access for distribution of your assets and property to your heirs.                       

3. A trust can be changed  at anytime you desire.                        

4. Takes less than a week to make up and execute.                      

5. Sets up anEstate Plan  for the distribution of your assets which makes sure assets are  distributed to you specific beneficiaries.                       

6. Requires very little  maintenance and usually only changed for adjustments to beneficiaries  and successive trustees.    

7. You keep complete control over all of your property and assets.

Overall, if you own a house, condo, mobile home or rental property most  advisers feel you should have a trust to save your family lots of grief  and a quick exchange of assets.
It is a relatively rapid and convenient way to protect your assets  and assures your desired distribution to your children and grandchildren or anyone your desire.  

 C. BANKRUPTCY SOLUTIONS:              During these Difficult Economic Times, you may be forced to seek a BANKRUPTCY as a solution to:
                                         -  SAVE THEIR HOMES FROM FORECLOSURE, OR                                                                                - SEEK RELIEF FROM THE CRUSH OF OVERWHELMING DEBT 

 In most cases, Bankruptcy is a fast simple and easy way to fix these problems and give you and your family a FRESH START while allowing  you to keep your car, house, retirement  investments and assets. This  is accomplished by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which only takes three  (3) months to complete. A Chapter 7 Petition is a affordable Private action that requires only one (1) non-court casual no-stress hearing lasting less than 1 minute which I will attend with you.
    A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will eliminate the harassing phone  calls immediately and eliminate the stressful worry and sleepless nights  you now are experiencing. Secure help now...You are not alone.  Believe it or not, a bankruptcy will allow you to re-establish your  credit and put you in a position to purchase a home in the near future.  It is a win-win solution to your current dilemma. "Bankruptcy eliminates the feeling of wearing a scarlet letter around your neck forever". 


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